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Welcome to Fun Academy, a place where values and education intertwine to create a nurturing haven for your child’s growth. At Fun Academy, we cherish the principles of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Kindness, and we’re on a mission to provide a thoughtful and holistic approach to early childhood education. Our commitment extends beyond academics to encompass social-emotional development, physical well-being, and nutritional health. We’ve cultivated a safe and welcoming environment that celebrates every child’s uniqueness and encourages their overall well-being that speaks to the importance of having a safe and welcoming environment. Join us in fostering a deep love for learning and an unshakable belief in the limitless potential of your child’s dreams.

Play, Explore, grow: Our bilingual play-oriented program is rooted in Einstein’s philosophy that education is about shaping minds to think, not just memorizing facts. Research has shown that play is a powerful medium for learning, and our incorporation of diverse educational philosophies ensures a well-rounded and engaging educational experience.

Holistic Education in Action: We go beyond the traditional approach to education by embracing a holistic perspective. This means that alongside academics, we prioritize your child’s emotional, physical, and nutritional needs. We understand that education involves nurturing well-rounded individuals who are not only equipped with knowledge but also with the skills and attitudes that will serve them throughout their lives.

Nurturing a Love for Learning and Individualized Learning for Every Child: In a fast-paced world, we’re determined to emphasize the “pre” in preschool. Our role as educators is to provide love, respect, and support. We encourage curiosity, active participation, and exploration of interests, allowing children to learn, express themselves, make mistakes, and adapt their understanding of the world. Your children’s curiosity and learning journey are gently guided and inspired. Recognizing the uniqueness of each child’s developmental journey, we are committed to providing individualized learning experiences and objectives. Our philosophy centers on igniting a lifelong love for learning. Through play, children explore, interact, investigate, and experiment, guided by experiences tailored to their interests.

Empowering Independence and Fostering Confidence and Individuality: Our approach is underpinned by Montessori principles, acknowledging individual developmental differences. By tailoring activities to each child’s pace, we foster independence, nurturing a strong sense of self. Our incredible educator ratios of maximum 6 kids per educator and continuity ensure a familiar face throughout their early years, complemented by teachers and specialists who enrich the learning experience. Dr. Seuss’s wisdom, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out!” echoes our philosophy. We provide a nurturing environment where self-expression and imagination flourish, allowing children to blossom into unique individuals. We aim to guide, encourage, and instill a love of learning in every child.

Safety and Learning Hand in Hand: Safety is paramount. Our staff undergoes comprehensive training, from first aid to safety protocols. We’re outside every day, embracing the richness of nature and play, regardless of the season. Our curriculum intertwines play-based and place-based learning, equipping children with readiness skills while encouraging joy and exploration.

Being part of our community: Our intergenerational program includes seniors from the community to participate in workshops, storytelling, working out with the kids, participating in our outings and some daily activities. Research has proven that these interactions can have fantastic benefits for each generation. In Australia and the UK studies have shown that activities that include children and older adults in a day care facility can increase self-esteem and promote friendships.

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